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BJD Elfdoll

By Rainman- Ball Jointed Dolls

Click on any link below to see a larger picture as well as details on the individual dolls.

Elfdoll is no longer working with retailers. We will only be selling the dolls and accessories we have "in stock" . Once our stock is gone, we will not be getting more.


K homme skin older style body

Elfdoll Sooah artist face-up, new body

Efdoll Columbine WS
Special Sdition Lydia


Elfdoll girl feet

Elfdoll Sibara
(White Flower) LE20


Ruru full set

Mir with out face-up

Sooah enhanced face-up

Elfdoll Tan K full set

Elfdoll WON homme skin 63 cm boy
$550.00 NO faceup





Lovely Doll MSD Yellow Outfit


Tiny Doll a03 Outfit


Tiny Doll Super Outfit


Elfdoll boy trenchcoat
Was $85

now $59.00






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All BJD Dolls are shipped UPS Ground. Cost of shipping is $15.00 and will be automatically added to your shopping cart total. 

International shipping will be billed at the actual shipping price. $4.80 UPS Priority Mail for small items: wigs, clothes etc.  Contact us for  international and special shipping rates.

Combined shipping is available for all items. Due to shopping cart restrictions,  prices are set individually for UPS ground on dolls and USPS Priority for smaller items. Please contact me for combined shipping. All items will be shipped for actual shipping costs, refunds will be given for overpayment through the shopping cart. I can ship any way you prefer.